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Experimental Panzer IV (Med. Tank)

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German Experimental Tank

German Experimental Panzerkumpfwagen IV (Medium Tank) at Aberdeen Proving Ground

German Experimental Panzerkumpfwagen IV (Medium Tank).

The following text is from the display sign at Aberdeen Proving Ground:

"German Experimental Panzerkumpfwagen IV medium tank

"Initial Production 1945
Combat Weight 26 tons

"The Germans equipped this vehicle with an experimental hydraulic transmission. It is very similar to the Panzerkampfwagen IV H, but the side plates of the chassis are extended to accommodate the hydraulic transmission. In anticipation of the last ditch defense of the factory where this tank was manufactured, the Germans stationed this tank on the road leading to the factory. However, the tank saw no combat before a Technical Intelligence Team of the US Army recovered it in 1945.

Photos were taken by WW2HQ staff with permission or the Aberdeen Proving Ground.